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Our lab has been asked to comment in the past both on the record and to provide background insights on threats to public health, vaccination practices and acceptance, virtual worlds and biomedical research, emerging technologies, basic and translational science research, and disease surveillance and biosecurity.

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Nina H. Fefferman, PhD
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These are a mixture of times we've been asked to comment on the state of the world or other researcher's work, and when the coverage is of our own work itself.

Television/Online Video Broadcasts

WVLT: Rare mosquito disease finds home in Tennessee, while mosquito season lengthens
CGTN: Protesters risk COVID-19 for change
The Washington Post: World of Warcraft experienced a pandemic in 2005. That experience may help coronavirus researchers.
WBIR: Paying attention to commuting patterns can help stop mosquito-borne illnesses
NJTV: The Science Behind What We Find Cute
The Discovery Channel: In 2011 Members of our lab were featured in How Stuff Works: Games Unboxed
BBC World News: (no web broadcast available)
CBS: Virtual Epidemic, Real-Life Scenarios
Canada Television (CTV): 'Virtual plague' could provide real-life lessons (broadcast link on page right, under Video)
AT&T Tech Channel (web broadcast no longer available)

Radio Broadcasts

New Tech City: Containing Ebola Like They Did in This Video Game
BBC UK News: Virtual game is a 'disease model' (link beneath image, under Listen)
National Public Radio: 'Virtual' Virus Sheds Light on Real-World Behavior (link under Listen)
NPR Science Friday: Virtual Worlds, Virtual Lives (under Archived Audio on right)
AM900 CHML: (web broadcast no longer available)

Print/Online Media

Southerly:Alabama deems execution an 'essential function' while leading in COVID-19 deaths per capita
Politico:POLITICO Nightly, 2/3/21
Smithsonian Magazine:In Social Insects, Researchers Find Clues for Battling Pandemics
ABCnews:ACLU study linked to jails projects coronavirus deaths double US government estimates
The Guardian:'Really scary': experts fear protests and police risk accelerating Covid-19 spread
The Marshall Project:What COVID-19 Prison Outbreaks Could Teach Us About Herd Immunity
The Wall Street Journal:ACLU Presses Prisons for Coronavirus Infection Data
Politico:POLITICO Nightly: Coronavirus Special Edition, 5/21/20
Politico:POLITICO Nightly: Coronavirus Special Edition, 4/16/20
Newsweek:Coronavirus Could Claim 100,000 More Lives Than Expected if Jail Populations Are Not Reduced, Study Finds
Politico:What Colorado is getting right about reopening?
Scientific American:World War IIs Warsaw Ghetto Holds Lifesaving Lessons for COVID-19
The Telegraph:Corrupted Blood and coronavirus: what World of Warcraft can tell us about the spread of disease
Health Feedback:People who do not show symptoms can contribute to significant COVID-19 transmission, contrary to CNBC report
UNILAD:A Virtual Outbreak On World Of Warcraft Taught Us A Lot About How Humans Behave In Pandemics
YAHOO Entertainment:Experts Say It's 'Not Sustainable' to Order All Exposed Healthcare Workers to Self-Quarantine
WIRED:Real-World Lessons From a World of Warcraft Virtual Outbreak
WGBH:Scarcity Of Health Workers A New Concern As Self-Quarantining Spreads With Virus
VICE:How World of Warcraft Predicted the Conflict Dividing Society Right Now
MedPage Today's KevinMD:Self-quarantines will lead to health worker shortages
PC Gamer:The researchers who once studied WoW's Corrupted Blood plague are now fighting the coronavirus
ARS Technica:What a WoW virtual outbreak taught us about how humans behave in epidemics
JUNKEE:Here's How A 'World of Warcraft' Pandemic Could Help Us Better Understand Coronavirus
The Conversation:Hard Evidence: will climate change affect the spread of tropical diseases?
Knox News:Outspoken East Tennessee white nationalist at Fort Sanders rally once active in Occupy, communist groups Professor Uses Games to Study How People Behave During Outbreaks
Paste Magazine:Plague Inc. and Ebola: The Unsettling Realism of Epidemic Simulators
Medical News Today:'Numerous effects' of climate change on tropical diseases
ABC News:Online 'Pandemic' a Virtual Gold Mine for Epidemiologists
TIME:World of Warcraft: A Pandemic Lab?
Forbes: (article no longer available online)
Reuters:Gamers' world reveals secrets of the next epidemic
Canadian Press (via CBC) (article no longer available online)
FOX NewsOnline-Game Plague Could Help Scientists Track Real Epidemics
The Economist:Virtual plague and the real world
New Scientist:Virtual outbreaks, real world ramifications
New Scientist:Real-world use of virtual epidemics