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Our lab has been asked to comment in the past both on the record and to provide background insights on threats to public health, vaccination practices and acceptance, virtual worlds and biomedical research, emerging technologies, basic and translational science research, and disease surveillance and biosecurity.

To contact us about these or related topics, please call or email:

Nina H. Fefferman, PhD
nina .h. fefferman AT

Over the past few years, the work from the Fefferman Lab has received some press attention. Here are a few links to some of the coverage available on the web.

Television/Online Video Broadcasts

The Discovery Channel: In 2011 Members of our lab were featured in How Stuff Works: Games Unboxed
TEDx Midatlantic 2010: Social Behavior and Epidemics: Lessons from Natural, Theoretical, and Virtual Worlds
BBC World News: (no web broadcast available)
CBS: Virtual Epidemic, Real-Life Scenarios
Canada Television (CTV): 'Virtual plague' could provide real-life lessons (broadcast link on page right, under Video)
AT&T Tech Channel (web broadcast no longer available)

Radio Broadcasts's The Gist: Math vs. Ebola
New Tech City: Containing Ebola Like They Did in This Video Game
BBC UK News: Virtual game is a 'disease model' (link beneath image, under Listen)
National Public Radio: 'Virtual' Virus Sheds Light on Real-World Behavior (link under Listen)
NPR Science Friday: Virtual Worlds, Virtual Lives (under Archived Audio on right)
AM900 CHML: (web broadcast no longer available)

Print/Online Media

The Conversation:Hard Evidence: will climate change affect the spread of tropical diseases? Professor Uses Games to Study How People Behave During Outbreaks
Paste Magazine:Plague Inc. and Ebola: The Unsettling Realism of Epidemic Simulators
Medical News Today:'Numerous effects' of climate change on tropical diseases
ABC News:Online 'Pandemic' a Virtual Gold Mine for Epidemiologists
TIME:World of Warcraft: A Pandemic Lab?
Forbes: (article no longer available online)
Reuters:Gamers' world reveals secrets of the next epidemic
Canadian Press (via CBC) (article no longer available online)
FOX NewsOnline-Game Plague Could Help Scientists Track Real Epidemics
The Economist:Virtual plague and the real world
New Scientist:Virtual outbreaks, real world ramifications
New Scientist:Real-world use of virtual epidemics